HEAD ON SWIVEL | Chris Konecki Solo Show
Through May 26thKonecki is self-taught and constantly experimenting. He is known for completing large scale aerosol murals, fine artwork including paintings and miniature sculptures, as well as various public and private site specific installations. Konecki’s work is explorative of social consciousness, generally irreverent, and focused on subjects that are both serious and absurd. His use of found and ‘repurposed’ objects in his work advocates the reassessment of typical ideals of function and beauty. Elements of nature often collide with harsh urban landscapes and elements of street art and graffiti, symbolizing the ongoing struggle between the harmonious coexistence of these two competing monumental forces.

Eric Rewitzer & Annie Galvin | 3 Fish Studios

Opening Reception: Friday, May 3rd, 2019 | 5-11pm (Through June 29th)
Eric Rewitzer is a printmaker. Annie Galvin is a painter. Chance brought them to the west coast, each arriving in the late ‘80s to chase their dreams. Eric, born and raised on the industrial shores of Lake Michigan, boarded the California Zephyr train west from Chicago in 1987. Annie, born and raised in Ireland, emigrated to San Francisco in 1989, two weeks before the earthquake. The two met in Berkeley in 1998, and were married in 2001. In 2006, they founded 3 Fish Studios, which now serves as both a studio and a gallery, connecting them to the artistic fabric of the Bay Area through shows, classes, and events.


by Daniel

11 Minna Gallery Presents


Opening Reception: Friday, JULY 12th, 2019 | 5-11pm
Through August 29th

Alynn-Mags are very proud to present ‘Lullaby’, a fine art exhibit, debuting at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco, CA, opening Friday, July 12th, 2019. By definition, the word Lullaby refers to a soothing song or piece of music that is played for children. Lullabies are also often used to develop communication skills and emotional intent. Amandalynn was inspired by a beautiful Lullaby written by her friend, Phyllis Whitney and sung by the very talented Venetia P. The simple yet meaningful words and melody of this particular Lullaby evoke an emotion of peace and connectedness to everyone. For Amandalynn, that is something that she also hopes to achieve with her new series of work for this exhibition. She shared this Lullaby with Lady Mags, and together the duo has been dreaming up a visual display of artwork intended to inspire and ease the viewer, just as the perfect Lullaby can soothe one’s inner child.

GEEKS, FREAKS & STRANGE ART | LAST GASP’s 48th Anniversary Group Show
111 Minna Gallery proudly presents, “Geeks, Freaks & Strange Art,” a group exhibition curated by Last Gasp Publishing in celebration of the 48th Anniversary! The show will include original works of art to the theme of the circus, freaks, sideshows, oddities and other strange art by select artists including:Junko Mizuno, Jessicka Addams, Isabel Samaras, Joe Sorren, Shawn Barber, Winston Smith, Jane Kim, Janelle Hessig, Kelly Tunstall, Mike Davis, Mike Giant, Mitch O’Connell, Skinner, Kevin Earl Taylor, Toshio Saeki, Ferris Plock, Henry Lewis, Christopher Burch, Ransom & Mitchell, Matt Gonzalez, Lee Harvey Roswell and King Joe + Rev. Dr. Hal’s “Quickie Marriages” in the Hook Up Truck by Spy Emerson in the alley!
IT’S IN OUR NATURE | Mark Campbell Solo Show
Mark H. Campbell was born in Norfolk VA in 1968. He studied painting and sculpture at Rollins College and then received his MFA at the Academy of Art University. After mastering realism, Mark’s appreciation of natural wood and stone has, to a great degree, informed his work for the last decade. Examples of this recent work remain in the collections of the University of Michigan Museum of Art, the Addison Museum of American Art, the Mobile Museum of Art, Hampden Sydney College, the Fuller Craft Museum and the University of San Francisco.
MESMERIZE | Pamela Davis Kivelson Solo Show
Pamela Davis Kivelson is a multimedia artist, painter and performer whose work captures the emotional subtext of events as they unfold in the moment. She often fuses art and technology to explore the shared moments that influence us and create a sense of identity and inclusion.“The Many Body Problem,” created with a diverse group of innovators named, “Collective Phenomena” and Stanford Physicist Hari Manoharan, is an installation that converts people’s movements into atomic configurations. The work explores the interplay of human lives and stored data and was inspired by Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman’s paper, “Room at the Bottom.”Davis Kivelson was artist-in-residence at Stanford for five years. Currently she is a lecturer in the Stanford Design Program. Her works, including oil portraits, photographs, drawings, and prints, is on display in seven buildings across the Stanford campus. PDK and Collective Phenomena are working on an installation to open in Stockholm next year.See more of Davis Kivelson’s work at
“Science is Real” by Pamela Davis Kivelson (Oil on Linen)
Her public art, consisting of sculpture, paintings, and photos, remain on permanent display at Stanford University where she was artist in residence for five years and is currently a lecturer in the design program.
“Sarah Tavel” by Pamela Davis Kivelson (Oil on Linen)
“Paris Chooses Life” by Pamela Davis Kivelson (Oil on Linen)
“Resilience” by Pamela Davis Kivelson (Oil on Linen)

A Guy Colwell Retrospect Show | 1990’s to Present

“This artwork is outward looking. Confronting the world as it is and engaging in public discourse about it, are more important than exposing the inner self or producing beautiful spots of color to decorate walls. It is artwork that looks at the human world as we find it now in the early 21st century. It is artwork that looks at the natural world as it is, threatened and threatening. And, at its crucial heart, this artwork is an exploration of the relationship, or more precisely, the alienation that exists between these two worlds. These pictures from the early 1990’s until the present should each be read as an essay about the state of life from the perspective of one big primate at this moment in time.” – Guy Colwell
Adams creates richly textured oil paintings on canvas and finely detailed watercolor works on paper, finished with intricate gold-leaf applique. In a style inspired by classical pietas and Byzantine era icon paintings, his work introduces modern symbolism and ideologies. Beau creates images of holy men with patterned vestments and Russian gang tattoos, vivid and energetic oil paintings borrowing from classical composition that highlight the violence often intertwined with religion throughout history.
OCTOBER | SEKDEK | Brice Frillici Solo Show
Brice Frillici is a self taught artist and musician working primarily with photography to create fantastic monster type sculpture visuals using real human heads and torsos as the canvas. He is also an avid recording engineer; video artist and genre hopping musical experimentalist that composes albums and soundtracks that accompany the imagery.

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