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111 Minna Gallery 30 Year Anniversary Exhibit

Celebrating 30 Years of Artistic Resilience: 111 Minna Featured by KQED

In a recent article by KQED, San Francisco’s iconic art gallery and event venue is vividly captured. The piece reflects on the 111 Minna’s three-decade journey, from its early days as a haven for skaters and creatives to its current status as a cornerstone of the city’s art scene. Highlighted in the article are the diverse array of artists who have found a home at 111 Minna, including names like Jeremy Fish, Sam Flores, and Lady Mags. Their work, along with others featured in the current exhibit, pays tribute to street culture and the underground communities that define San Francisco. The KQED piece beautifully encapsulates the essence of 111 Minna – a space that not only showcases art but also fosters a sense of belonging for all who walk through its doors.

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Sketch Tuesday & Amandalynn Fundraiser

Join us on Tuesday, May 23rd from 5pm-9pm for a wonderful roster of local artists! As usual, our wonderful artists will be seated around the gallery in the 2nd St room, painting, drawing, or whatever other medium they choose to employ. The difference for this Sketch Tuesday is that we will also be doing a little fundraiser for Amandalynn in the Zappa room. She recently had an accident that did considerable damage to her hip, so a bunch of artists are donating work for you to buy and support her in her recovery!

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Sketch Tuesday & More with ArtSpan

Join us on Tuesday, April 4th, from 5pm to 9pm for another wonderful night of art making and ArtSpan’s fantastic collection as the backdrop. This Sketch Tuesday features 15 ArtSpan Auction Artists alongside some Minna staples, offering a unique opportunity to browse the Auction Collection in-person while the space is activated by art-making and with access to some of the artists who have work on the walls. Artist David Chong Lee will be DJ-ing for us while this roster of artists make some truly memorable pieces. Continue reading