SUPER Sketch Tuesday!!!!!

SUPER Sketch Tuesday!!!!!

For One Night Only!! Featuring Over 50 Artists!!!!

Tuesday, Sept 19th, 5-10pm

It’s that time of the month again folks…

We’ll be doing a SUPER Sketch Tuesday to celebrate the Closing Party of POOLSIDE!!!! Though Poolside will be up ’till October, we thought we’d celebrate a little early to properly conclude the DOPE summer of 2023 with on last HURRAH!!!!!

SchetchTUesdaySept19th Back

Hope you like the flyer!!!!

Flyer art by: @chicken_in_a_biscuit | Designed by @nikolaybereza

Come check us out next TUESDAY!!!!! Featuring some SWEET Bay Area Talent…..

Music by @davidchoonglee and Mr. Meta-Physical


























































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