Sketch Tuesday

DYoungV Presents ‘Poolside’

111 Minna Gallery is pleased to present their latest project, ‘POOLSIDE’ featuring the works of over 60 prolific Bay Area artists.

‘Poolside’ will be a summertime/fun time full gallery extension of our widely popular ‘Sketch Tuesday’ event. ’Sketch Tuesday’ is a live drawing event where artists create work on an affordable smaller scale for the public to appreciate and purchase. ‘Poolside’ will be a full exhibition of already finished works featuring many of our regular ‘Sketch Tuesday’ participants and 111 Minna Gallery artists featuring nearly two hundred pieces created on a smaller scale (Sketch Tuesday size) that will be affordable to the public.

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SUPER Sketch Tuesday!!!!!

SUPER Sketch Tuesday!!!!!

For One Night Only!! Featuring Over 50 Artists!!!!

Tuesday, Sept 19th, 5-10pm

It’s that time of the month again folks…

We’ll be doing a SUPER Sketch Tuesday to celebrate the Closing Party of POOLSIDE!!!! Though Poolside will be up ’till October, we thought we’d celebrate a little early to properly conclude the DOPE summer of 2023 with on last HURRAH!!!!!

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Our Next Show: Rob Reger & Adam Caldwell!

111 Minna Gallery is excited to announce our next art exhibition featuring new and exclusive works by Rob Reger in his solo show entitled ‘Dark Matters’ and by Adam Caldwell in his solo show ‘Colorless Green Ideas.’

Known for his highly popular comic books, graphic novels, and clothing lines from his series Emily The Strange – in addition to his gothic-macabre art style – Rob Reger’s latest works are refreshing pieces to feature at 111 Minna after nine years without this mainstay artist gracing 111’s walls. Rob Reger’s latest works exhibit his less well known but equally brilliant abstract artistic oeuvre, which is now presenting to the public for the first time in a comprehensive exhibition. Similarly, Adam Caldwell’s triumphant return to 111 Minna highlights a new collection of work featuring his duality of surreally-realistic juxtapositions and layered themes that highlight the full gamut of contemporary and classic art.