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Looking for a private event venue in San Francisco, CA? Look no further than 111 Minna Gallery. Our expansive event space is perfect for birthdays, holidays, corporate events, and more! Browse through our photos to see our versatile rooms and delicious treats. Plus, our in-house photographer can capture your event memories. Contact us if you need some assistance, or book your event now to secure your space and transform it into the perfect venue for your occasion. Let’s make your next event unforgettable!

Our in house photographer: Daniel Kokin

Sketch Tuesday Event Photos

LIVE PERFORMANCES BY: Amanda Lynn, Nicole Hayden, Kelly Ording, Liv Losee-Unger, Henry Lewis, Nate Geare, Messy Beck, Taped Metal Canvas, Daryll Peirce, Eli The Man, Nathalie Fabri, Mollie Johnson, Seedsonline, N8 Van Dyke, Micah LeBrun, Bud Snow, Austen Zombres, [...]

Sketch Friday Event Photos

LIVE PERFORMANCES BY: Micah LeBrun, N8 Van Dyke, Matt Gonzalez, Kim Cogan, 🤘SKINNER🤘, Daryll Peirce, Robert Bowen, Optimist Williams, Rachel Riot, Eddie Colla, Raul D’Mauries, Felicia Ann, Mykola Bereza, Jeff Plotkin Jordan Fitzgerald, J. Aberrant, Rob Reger, Joshua Rampage, [...]


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Daniel Kokin has been capturing events at 111 Minna Gallery since 2006. He’s available to capture your event at Minna, or anywhere in world. Find him at Daniel Kokin Photography. Click here to view over 16 years of event photography at 111 Minna Gallery.