Mike Davis Slippery Slope 2024

Echoes of the Future: Unveiling the New Dark Ages and Dystopian Realities at 111 Minna Gallery

KQED recently highlighted our current art exhibits, featuring the works of Mike Davis and Michael Kerbow, which present dark yet humorous visions of a post-modern medieval world and a post-apocalyptic Earth. Mike Davis’s series, “Survivors of the Plague,” portrays chaotic scenes reminiscent of medieval times but with odd modern elements like UFOs and cell phones, depicting a humanity regressed to a darker age. His painting “The Wedding Party” vividly showcases scenes of anarchy and debauchery, infusing grim humor with detailed, fantastical elements.

Michael Kerbow’s work, meanwhile, offers a poignant commentary on environmental neglect. His paintings, such as “Frozen Markets” and “Highwater,” depict dinosaurs and woolly mammoths inhabiting modern but ruined landscapes, highlighting the inevitable consequences of humanity’s environmental impact. These works suggest a bleak future where nature reclaims civilization after humanity’s downfall, serving as a stark reminder of the long-term effects of our current lifestyle choices.

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D Young V Radio Interview

Prepare to embark on a visionary journey through the realms of art curation as we anticipate an enlightening dialogue on KXSF.FM’s ‘Radio Voices’ show. Hosted by DJ DynaMatt, this episode features an eagerly awaited interview with D Young V, the esteemed art curator at 111 Minna Gallery. Together, they will delve into the art department of the gallery, D Young V’s recent curatorship appointment, and the future trajectory of San Francisco’s art scene.

‘Radio Voices’ on KXSF.FM

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hi-fructose davis kerbow interview

Hi-Fructose Interview with MIKE DAVIS AND MICHAEL KERBOW

Experience a journey through time with painters Mike Davis and Michael Kerbow in an insightful interview conducted by Hi-Fructose. Delve into their unique perspectives on history, surrealism, and contemporary challenges as reflected in their meticulously crafted artworks. Davis explores the allure of medieval and Renaissance art, while Kerbow tackles pressing issues like climate change through allegorical narratives featuring dinosaurs and dystopian landscapes.

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The Snake

Exploring “Guilty Pleasures” at 111 Minna Gallery: A Journey into Unexpected Delights

A recent article from KQED highlighted an intriguing exhibition titled “Guilty Pleasures” at 111 Minna Gallery, offering a captivating exploration of hidden indulgences and unexpected juxtapositions. Picture stepping into a space curated by seven talented women, all focused on delving into guilty feminine pleasures, only to be greeted by an entire wall adorned with hyper-masculine WWF wrestlers. That’s the delightful surprise awaiting visitors at 111 Minna Gallery.

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20240227 DEK07777

Sketch Tuesday Event Photos

LIVE PERFORMANCES BY: Amanda Lynn, Nicole Hayden, Kelly Ording, Liv Losee-Unger, Henry Lewis, Nate Geare, Messy Beck, Taped Metal Canvas, Daryll Peirce, Eli The Man, Nathalie Fabri, Mollie Johnson, Seedsonline, N8 Van Dyke, Micah LeBrun, Bud Snow, Austen Zombres, Ian Scalzo, Brandon Joseph Baker, Michelle Nguyen, Lillian Shanahan, Nathalie Gabriel, Chris Farris, Misia Farris, Robert Bowen, Minda McDorman

Event date: February 27, 2024
Event photos by Daniel Kokin

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