Wildflowers Q&A and Closing Reception

111 Minna Gallery is excited to invite you to our closing reception for ‘Wildflowers.’ by Amanda Lynn and Lady Mags – On Friday the 13th! With ‘Wildflowers,’ Amanda Lynn and Lady Mags came together once again to bring their unified vision of beauty, femininity, and nature to 111 Minna. As long-time collaborators and friends, these two have been creating work together for over a decade and graced the Bay Area with massive public art pieces combining their unique styles. Together they weave watercolor, bold graffiti, powerful female figures, and flora and fauna into one cohesive look.

Join the artists and the 111 Minna staff for this closing reception and your last chance to see both Lady Mags and Amady Lynn’s collaborative and solo works.

What: Closing Reception for ‘Wildflowers’ by Amanda Lynn and Lady Mags

When: Friday 1/13/23 from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM (Maybe later!) Featuring a Q&A by both artists in our Zappa Gallery beginning at 6:30pm!!!!

Where: 111 Minna Gallery at 111 Minna St, San Francisco, CA 94105

Check out their work to get excited!

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