Through March 28th

“Paradiso” by Josh Thurman | 14” x 11” | Oil & Acrylic on Panel | 2019

While attending the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Josh Thurman developed a fascination with mixing classical painting techniques and illustrative design motifs. Drawn to a more designed cubist approach, he refined caricatures as a way to challenge fine art portraiture, but has now moved more predominantly toward nudes and figurative work.

Through curiosity and the experimentation of a variety of different mediums, his art is ever evolving. Wanting to step away from the female persona typically seen in paintings from the past, Thurman’s work begins to challenge taboo and move closer toward eroticism. He intends to reimagine the structure traditionally associated with beauty while attempting to illustrate a modern-day feminine persona.

“Pensive” by Josh Thurman | 16” x 61” | Oil & Acrylic on Panel | 2019

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