111 sketch 9.8.22

Sketch Tuesdays 9/8/2022

Join us on Thursday, September 8th, from 5pm-9pm for another fantastic Sketch Tuesdays! Yes, we know it’s a Thursday, but we did it so more of you could join us. Robert Bowen will be on-site signing copies of his new book: “Blasphemous Nature”, designed by Shaun Roberts. David Chong Lee will be our wonderful DJ for the evening!

Check out the amazing list of artists below who will be doing their thing here at Minna:

Robert Bowen
Alec Huxley
Ransom & Mitchell
Yung Cocunut
David Polka
Daryll Pierce
Lady Henze
N8 Van Dyke
Jack Keating
Anthony Mancera
Nolan Yelonek
Carrie Cottini
Leon Loucheur
Montey Guy
Micah LeBrun
Mario Navasero
Felicia Ann
Raul D’Mauries
Misia Farris
Max Ehrman (EON 75)
James Perry
Rachel Perls
Alice Koswara
Calamity Fair
Ben Ahn

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