Mike Davis Slippery Slope 2024

Echoes of the Future: Unveiling the New Dark Ages and Dystopian Realities at 111 Minna Gallery

KQED recently highlighted our current art exhibits, featuring the works of Mike Davis and Michael Kerbow, which present dark yet humorous visions of a post-modern medieval world and a post-apocalyptic Earth. Mike Davis’s series, “Survivors of the Plague,” portrays chaotic scenes reminiscent of medieval times but with odd modern elements like UFOs and cell phones, depicting a humanity regressed to a darker age. His painting “The Wedding Party” vividly showcases scenes of anarchy and debauchery, infusing grim humor with detailed, fantastical elements.

Michael Kerbow’s work, meanwhile, offers a poignant commentary on environmental neglect. His paintings, such as “Frozen Markets” and “Highwater,” depict dinosaurs and woolly mammoths inhabiting modern but ruined landscapes, highlighting the inevitable consequences of humanity’s environmental impact. These works suggest a bleak future where nature reclaims civilization after humanity’s downfall, serving as a stark reminder of the long-term effects of our current lifestyle choices.

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