Sketch Wednesday 30 Year Anniversary Edition-front

Sketch Wednesday! 30 Year Anniversary Edition

View photos from the event here.

Music by DJ David Choong Lee

Winston Smith
N8 Van Dyke
Matt Gonzalez
Alec Huxley
Kim Cogan
Optimist Williams
Jet Martinez
Amanda Lynn
Daryll Peirce
Robert Bowen
Ferris Plock
Kelly Tunstall
John Osgood
Chris Stokes

Nathalie Fabri
Nick Nelson
Humms Family
Tsungwei Moo
Jack Keating
Antonio Mancera
Ben Ahn
Party Pablo
Chris Farris
Misia Farris
Brandon Joseph Baker
James Forkum
Jordan Fitzgerald
Ralph C. Browne
D Young V

With A Special Guest Appearance By…


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