Venus Emerged deux(Botticelli’s Niece deux)



Acrylic on Canvas

A play and counterpart to Orpheus Emerged(my sole painting of a male(Jack Kerouac–whose early novel was entitled “Orpheus Emerged”)–It was 5 sided and meant to be displayed as a cube–
Odilon Redon also has a famous painting entitled “Venus Emerged”.  This is my contemporary Venus.
Botticelli’s Niece refers to the Bob Dylan song, “When I Paint My Masterpiece”—In some versions it’s
“Gotta hurry home to my hotel room,
‘Cause I got me a date with Botticelli’s niece”(referring to his The Birth of Venus in this case–she is nude and her hair is being blown in a similar fashion to the famed Botticelli painting)
and in other version the lyrics are…”‘Cause I got me a date with a pretty little girl from Greece”.

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