• Adrian Cox The mythic world depicted in the paintings of Adrian Cox serves as a stage for his fictional race of hybrid beings, the Border Creatures. In his works, these grotesque protagonists exist in a state of harmonious coexistence with…

  • Lauren Szabo is a San Francisco based artist originally from Los Angeles. Lauren’s work talks about our daily interactions about media, signage, advertisements, and their fragility and temporality. We chose to speak with Szabo because her work took on new political context through the campaign and election.

  • As a child Elise showed an early need to create a world apart from her birthplace, the desert of Arizona. The Sonoran vista, although beautiful, was not in an environment that inspired her. So she created a world of her own invention by painting the walls of her room and anywhere else she could get away with it.

  • Growing up in suburban Los Angeles where earthquakes and fires were frequent threats, Lauren became acquainted with natural and unnatural disasters at an early age. When she was a child, she experienced earthquakes and recalls ashen skies during the annual summer fires. These early memories shaped the content of her art, and have rooted her interest in deconstruction.

  • DrinkArt is our premier boutique beverage service that will assuredly make your event a memorable affair. With local roots in the heart of San Francisco’s Soma Art district spanning back 23 years as a bar, art gallery and event space,…

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    Women’s March 2017

    by Daniel

    Celebrating the Women’s March 2017 with this beautiful poster “Secret State” by Kelly Tunstall. Please visit 111 Minna Gallery, 111 Minna St SF CA to receive your free poster. In the spirit of the women’s march we leave you with…

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