111 Minna Gallery Fun-Raiser

I know it’s been a while, what with COVID-19, since you’ve been able to get your art fix from us, so we’re here with a three day event to give you just that! Check out this amazing lineup of shows, personalities, and other shenanigans below. As we always do, this is all free to you, our wonderful community. That being said, these are tough times and we would love to be able to do this again in the future. Your support through our GoFundMe or art purchases would help us go a long way!

Four Fantastic Shows

We have these four art shows during the three days of joy! Support your local artists and check out their work in each of the galleries below

Fun-Raiser Schedule

Three days of glorious content? Yes, yes it is. Check out each day of fun and artful excitement below with a link to each of the day’s fun!

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COVID-19 Announcement

Dear 111 Minna Gallery and Red Door Community. We hope you are all staying safe and sane through this sad and challenging time. Per the governor and mayor’s orders, we will be shut down until further notice. That being said, we are still planning for the future!

For online art purchases, future bookings, or any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Michelle@111minnagallery.com 14158239304

Love to you all.

Support artists

Wonderland, Last Gasp, and 111 Minna Gallery would like you enjoy checking out all of these wonderful artists. And, if you are so inspired, maybe purchase a piece to brighten up your stay at home zone, and support them 😉


Beautifully crafted skincare and wellness

Temporary Ground Floor Office Space for Rent in SF

Are your employees getting burnt out from working at home? Do you need a safe work transition space for some of them before they all move back into the office? Do you want to meet with a client or colleague, in person, in a safe, socially distant environment.

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We have some temporary space for them at 111 Minna Gallery.

  • Clean and Sanitized
  • PPE equipped staff
  • Ground Floor
  • Windows
  • Local coffee, beverages and lunch available
  • Meeting Space
  • 1200-4000 square feet of open space
  • Excellent WiFi
  • Stage room for live stream functionality

“111 Minna Gallery is an amazing open space in San Francisco with excellent internet”

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