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Noah Ptolemy

    NOW HIRING by Noah Ptolemy
    Noah Ptolemy pulls strongly from his upbringing in Japan. Today, working out of a small apt, he still finds himself utilizing the small space the same way, as if he were still back there. He also usually paints from the floor, as opposed to the more Western model of a painter standing at the easel. Through the years, he has distilled his tools down to the bare bones, allowing himself time to hone in on each one. The most important thing he learned from his time in Japan was patience, a painter’s essential skill. Noah finds the colors and general imagery of his work come from everyday people and popular culture from all around. Manga comics are very inspiring to him as can be seen with his use of bold lines and faces. As a child he would try to draw his favorites faithfully to the original, a skill that helped him to define his own style.

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