1 Geneva Mark Campbell copy

IT’S IN OUR NATURE | Mark Campbell Solo Show

Mark H. Campbell was born in Norfolk VA in 1968. He studied painting and sculpture at Rollins College and then received his MFA at the Academy of Art University. After mastering realism, Mark’s appreciation of natural wood and stone has, to a great degree, informed his work for the last decade. Examples of this recent work remain in the collections of the University of Michigan Museum of Art, the Addison Museum of American Art, the Mobile Museum of Art, Hampden Sydney College, the Fuller Craft Museum and the University of San Francisco.

1 Geneva Mark Campbell copy
“Geneva” by Mark Campbell | 35” x 72” (Wood, Oil and Resin on Panel)

2 Look Again Mark Campbell copy
“Look Again” by Mark Campbell | 12” x 12” (Wood, Oil and Resin on Panel)

His work is also appreciated by private collectors and can be seen in the homes of Carlos Santana, Aretha Franklin, Michael Narada Walden, Robert Bohlen and Lillian Montalto as well as the Ritz Carlton.
In 1996, he began directing the Art With Elders program at Laguna Honda Hospital, the country’s largest skilled nursing facility located in San Francisco where art classes are taught to predominantly frail and indigent elders. In August of 2013, Mark assumed the role of Executive Director of the parent organization, Eldergivers, which provides such art classes to over 350 elders throughout the Bay Area.

3 Seated Woman Mark campbell copy
“Seated Woman” by Mark Campbell | 54” x 30” (Wood, Oil and Resin on Panel)
4 Vitruvia Mark Campbell copy
“Vitruvia” by Mark Campbell | 41” x 27” (Wood, Oil and Resin on Panel)

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