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The Fantastic 50 at 111 Minna Gallery | Curated by Irene Hernandez-Feiks and Wonderland SF111minna-2013-show-v2WORKS BY Ahren Hertel, Alberto Hernandez, Alec Huxley, Alex Garcia, Amnadalynn, Andrzej Michael Karwacki, Brian Barneclo, Chor Boogie, Chris Leib, Chris W. Stokes, Daniel. J. Valadez, Eric Bailey, Eric Joyner, Eve Skylar, Fred Aquino, Ginaluca Franzese, Henry Lewis, Hilary Williams, Irene Martha Feiks, Jaxon Northon, Jeffrey Nemenzo, Jeremy Mann, John Wentz, Jonah Burlingame, Joseph Martinez, Joshua Lawyer, Kevin Earl Taylor, Kukula, Laura Buss, Lee Harvey Roswell, Leo Bugel, Lucien Shapiro, Mark Campbell, MARCUS, Melanie Alves, Merkley???, Michael Murphy, Micah LeBrun, Monty Guy, Nick Flatt, Rachel Znerold, Renee Castro, Reuben Rude, Robert Bowen, Robert Garcia, Steve Javiel, Telopa, Todd Laby, Ursula Xanthe Young, Xiau Fong Wee[wpsc_products category_url_name=’the_fantastic_50′]IRENE HERNANDEZ-FEIKS Irene Hernandez-Feiks founded Chillin’ Productions in 1998, with the purpose of discovering and aiding Bay Area fashion designers, painters, photographers, filmmakers, DJ’s, musicians, and performers. In her tenure as a promoter, Irene made a point of never taking commissions or charging designers to sell their work. In short, all of the money made by the artist goes to the artist. Chillin’ Productions produces four events per year with each event showcasing 80 fashion designers, 200 painters/photographers, 60 filmmakers,  DJ’s, and live music.FEB-2008I want to invite you to an opening reception that means a lot to me. Thanks to 111 Minna Gallery I started my career in the art and fashion 15 years ago. I have dedicated the last 15 years to support our amazing community of artists. Without 111 Minna, Chillin’ Productions and Wonderland Sf would not exist.This Friday I am curating the Fantastic 50 at 111 Minna Gallery for the month of May. I chose 50 of my favorite artists for this show. It would mean a lo tif you can come by and check out this show. It’s from 5pm-late. It’s free and everyone is welcomed. It’s truly an amazing show! Check out my 50 favorite artists of all times! -Irene———————-Irene has worked closely with numerous arts-related and charitable organizations, including GEN ART, Mexican Consulate (Cultural Affairs), the United Nations and Natural World Museum (art into action), Baxter Chang Patri Fine Art (Miguel Osuna), Art Seed apprenticeship Program Benefiting Bayview Hunters Point Youth, Spindle Desco Continuous Movement Discussion Series: Converging Art, Music & Nightlife: Possibilities (a panel discussion & open forum), and Oracle Open World. Assisting the community is her true passion and focus.In 2010, Irene opened her gallery, Wonderland SF to provide consistent support and exposure for Bay Area artists. Working with over 5,000 local artists, her goal is to create new opportunities for emerging talent, and ultimately discover that diamond in the rough. Originally from Mexico City, Irene has called San Francisco home for over 17 years and plans to continue her active role in promoting and supporting the local arts community.111minna-2013-show-b

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