Selected Works by Rob Reger & Emily Burns

by Daniel

On display through July 27th



Rob Reger’s art aesthetic is a multi-media mix of surrealism, DIY punk, and pop sensibility resulting in what he calls “elegant absurdity.” He founded his design house, Cosmic Debris, in 1992, and introduced the world to Emily the Strange—an icon of empowerment for people of all ages. Reger fuels his artistic imagination with cats, music, nature, science, and illusions of all kinds.


Reger received a BFA from the University of CA, Santa Cruz and a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.  His artworks have been exhibited around the world, including: New York, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, Berlin, Milan, and Hong Kong.

Striped Room 1,300 30x22


Emily’s recent work investigates the inner complexities of women through intimate glimpses of parallel environments. She is interested in the vulnerability of beauty, and the ‘eternalization’ of her subjects through the process of painting. Texture, pixilation, color and sensuality invite the viewer to acknowledge the arousing quality of the image.

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