The Art of Mildred & Pacolli w/ Vancouver duo, Jamie Bizness & Caroline Weaver + UK multi-media artist Grand Dame

Although comprised of five unique artists, the Last Summer exhibit features two creative duos in San Francisco’s Mildred & Pacolli and Vancouver’s Jamie Bizness & Caroline Weaver. Inspired by iconography, film noir, pulp fiction covers and more, the bold paintings and silkscreens of UK’s Grande Dame (Tiffany McGinnis) punctuate the show while Jamie and Caroline feature their first collaborative series of scenes governed by predatory animals ordained in symbology and gold leaf. Mildred & Pacolli live and create in the moment and in turn create moments with each work speaking loudly and playfully in bold colors and a playful, youthful narrative which reflects the laid back character of the artists themselves.Mildred and Pacolli are married, living in San Francisco, collaborating on painting, prints, music and mixed media since 2009. Their work together is playful and nonsense, using different medias and techniques, they create an unpretentious, magical environment for their characters to exist.

In this show they have been working on a larger scale, freestyle-screen printing on wood panels, wheat pasting paintings on top of drawings and prints, carving linoleum and glitter boards without one theme in mind. The time is now, the feeling is like that last day in the summer and you know it’s the last one so you make the most of it. Never knowing about tomorrow, and it’s ok.


Washington born, raised in Michigan and based in San Francisco, Mildred experiments with patterns, textures and cartoon inspired characters on paintings, prints, multimedia and murals.

He’s been showing his art since 2007, self-publishing fanzines, playing music and creating old school video game graphics.


São Paulo (Brazil) born, based in San Francisco self taught artist, former tv producer, color lover, round sticker obsessed, screen print addict. Her world is a psychedelic, experimental and intuitive place, sometimes loud and excessive, other times quiet, personal and sincere.

Since 2006 she has been in art shows all over the world, collaborating with artists, self- publishing fanzines, making weird t-shirts, curating shows, throwing parties and doing freelance illustration.

Jamie Bizness and Caroline Weaver

Jamie Bizness and Caroline Weaver met on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery 8 years ago. Their first collaboration was done together from 6pm till 6am one night in Calgary, Alberta, followed by a collection for the government of San Luis, Mexico, and they have been gravitating back to each other ever since. Destiny always making opportunities for them through chance meetings, paths cross. The adventures they share come through in their paintings as animals on spiritual journeys. They are always taking time to pursue personal works but always excited to create together. The collaborative process is an ever evolving, fine back-and-forth where the pair will work intensely, closely and openly. Joining forces again after a hiatus,Jamie and Caroline have a renewed sense of adventure.

Further exploring their shared belief that animals have their own religion and reverences, Jamie and Caroline created spooky stories and legend-relics of the animal world that the two believe in. The adventures they share come through in their paintings as animals on spiritual journeys. Using blacks, whites, and shades of grey to set their scene, also gold, silver, copper and tinted metal leaf as a nod to the churches and temples of the past.

Grande Dame

Grande Dame, aka Tiff McGinnis, is a self-taught multimedia artist: an audio/ visual storyteller, who writes music, creates animations and makes an array of art and bespoke objects in many different mediums from the images in her videos.

Originally from the Deep South of Columbus, Georgia, she has been based in the UK since early 2001. A child of the 1970’s Tiff was heavily influenced by the rich sounds of the Mississippi Delta, Acid Rock, Blues, Psychedelic Cartoons, Iconography, Film Noir Posters, Pulp Fiction Covers, Comic Books, Pinball, Art Nouveau, 60’s black light and Fillmore East Posters, Indigenous Art and more – all of which are evident in her creations.

Tiff began writing songs as a child. In 2001 she came to the UK to pursue a career in music and signed an album deal with Tummy Touch records. Since then she has had her music licensed for various TV shows, ads, and the Coen Brothers Film, Burn After Reading. She is a published writer with Touch Tones Music.

Shortly after arriving in the UK, Tiff began to teach herself animation by creating colorful videos for her songs. Her first ever Flash Animation – High Tide Hell – about an LSD Trip gone awry – was screened at Albert Hoffman (inventor of LSD) 100th Birthday Party in Basel, Switzerland. Her unique style gained attraction, and she built a career making videos for bands including Adrian Edmundson’s Bad Shepherds, viral ads for KPM Music, video game art for MTV Networks and more. Her work has been shown in festivals around the globe and just recently she signed a licensing agreement with Spike & Mike’s Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation to show her films – The Trip & Black Leather – at their screenings.

Tiff’s art and design career has been fast and furious. In 2010 she printed a few giclee’s from her music video The Shakes. And soon after, it quickly took off. Since then she has had her designs on porcelain plates and blotter art. She has also created psychedelic fabric patterns for legendary couture shoe designer Terry de Havilland and collaborated with late celebrated light designer Chris Bracey of God’s Own Junkyard on a series of light boxes. And in 2012 she had her first solo exhibition at PR giant Ketchum Pleon’s corporate headquarters in London’s Spitalfields. And in 2014 her audio/visual installation – My Voodoo On You at ink_d Gallery, Brighton – was a such a success that it ran for an additional 3 weeks. Legendary art blog People of Print said, “Everything you see is fantastically printed, illustrated and designed by Grande Dame, from the wallpaper and the curtains to the framed artwork, the candles and the vinyl on the record player.”

Since her humble beginnings she has moved into silk screening, embroidery, painting, portrait art, gilding, soft furnishings, comic books, fabric, wallpaper design and much more. Tiff’s designs for Terry de Havilland have been featured in Italian Vogue, Metro, The Times, The Mail on Sunday and more. Her porcelain dinnerware has also garnered recognition being featured in Stylist Magazine among others.

In a relatively short span of time, Tiff has gained a strong following of music, animation, and art & design fans around the globe. She is a dedicated, creative maverick, with a keen eye for detail. Her work is thought provoking, funny, colorful and exciting; her sound is big, and her style is large – she is GRANDE DAME.