For any special occasion, a private event venue is a great way to host a large gathering without having to worry about preparing your home for guests and ensuring that you have enough space for everyone. This is where 111 Minna Gallery comes in. We offer a vast private party venue that can host up to 300 guests. Not only do we have ample space for large parties, but 111 Minna Gallery is also a unique event venue for a number of reasons. From an art gallery being integrated into the space to endless branding opportunities, we challenge you to find a private event venue in the San Francisco, CA area that tops 111 Minna Gallery. Whether you need a private event space for an upcoming birthday, launch party, after work gathering or graduation celebration, our private party venue is available for bookings in San Francisco, CA!


  • Separate Space: Hosting a party at home can be convenient, until the day after is spent cleaning up or when you realize that there may not be enough space for all of your guests. A private venue provides enough space for people, decorations, food, and activities, without the additional worries. 
  • Atmosphere: Private venues provide a great sense of surprise, but they also provide the right atmosphere for celebratory events, making any occasion feel special.
  • Ease of Event Planning: Booking a modern event venue also means that you are hiring professionals who can assist you in the event planning process, alleviating some of the stress. 


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111 Minna Gallery is a private party venue serving San Francisco, CA, providing a unique private event space for every special occasion and event. Whether you are looking to book our private event space for your company’s business dinner, a charity event, wedding, or graduation party, our private venue is the perfect option for all of the above. Contact us today to learn more about our private party venue in the San Francisco, CA area!