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Elise Remender As a child Elise showed an early need to create a world apart from her birthplace, the desert of Arizona. The Sonoran vista, although beautiful, was not in an environment that inspired her. So she created a world of her own invention by painting the walls of her room and anywhere else she could get away with it.
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“Underwater Pose” by Elise Remender | 55” x 55” | Oil on Canvas | 2016

“Underwater Pose” by Elise Remender | 55” x 55” | Oil on Canvas | 2016

Painting was her escape; her brush was a conduit to her imagination that enabled her to create an environment in the colors for which her eyes were starving. In 1999, Elise found her bliss in San Francisco, California. The City by the Bay turned out to be her own personal Wonderland, full of inspiration and experiences that still influence her work today.  She attended art school at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where she split disciplines, studying fine art, children’s book illustration, and environment rendering for animations. This experience allowed her to absorb and learn everything she could about painting and fine art.

Midnight Reflections | Elise Remender | 2016

After graduating she found a job at an unlikely place and returned to Arizona, to work with a Fine Art production company in Phoenix, where she was able to expand her knowledge, by learning new techniques and a new perspective on the creation of art.  She then learned how to evolve and transition her knowledge of illustration and fine art into a looser interpretation of both abstract and landscape practices. These would become the building blocks that led to her most recently developed series of bathing beauties, which are inspired by vintage Fashion magazines, Art Deco and underground pop culture of the 1950’s. Additionally, the vivid colors of the era including pictures of the ocean and bright blue pools have inspired her bathing beauty series
“Paige & Rebecca Underwater” by Elise Remender | 55” x 55” | Oil on Canvas | 2016

“Paige & Rebecca Underwater” by Elise Remender | 55” x 55” | Oil on Canvas | 2016

Elise now lives and paints in Carlsbad by the Sea, California, where she is inspired by her surroundings and continues to achieve her goal of creating beautiful works of art that make people happy.
“Underwater Raffels” by Elise Remender | 55” x 40” | Oil on Canvas | 2016

“Underwater Raffels” by Elise Remender | 55” x 40” | Oil on Canvas | 2016

Her pieces live in the homes of reality star Kylie Jenner, TV host Ryan Seacrest, actor Howie Mandel, designer Jeff Lewis, & GQ editor Dylan Jones. Her work can be viewed at global hospitality venues such as Ritz Carlton, Hilton, Marriott, Winterhaven, and Hard Rock Cafe. Other works have been featured on ABC’s Brothers and Sisters, Showtime’s Dexter, E’s Keeping up with the Kardashians, FX’s Sons of Anarchy, & Bravo’s Flipping Out. Print credits include Diamond Cake Magazine, GQ UK, Art and Business News, California Home and Garden, Architectural Digest, Florida Home Design Magazine, and Dwell.

Perfect Day | 2016| Elise Remender

Divine Day | 2016 | Elise Remender

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