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A Solo Exhibition by Artist & Curator, Micah LeBrun | through Feburary 28th read the gallery(WAS) reviewAs the curator of 111 Minna Gallery I’ve come to realize that as diligently as I may attempt to maintain our show schedule, sometimes the bottom drops out and artists cancel their shows. No big deal, it happens. But when it happens over the looming holidays and just ten weeks before a scheduled opening, well, it may embark toward the territory of stressful. Knowing the ins and outs of 111 Minna Gallery both as an artist and a curator, I’ve determined it more manageable to personally create a replacement show in eight weeks than trying to piece one together that makes sense. Thus paving the way to the, “Cornered” exhibition. From a curatorial perspective this offers a unique opportunity for artists and patrons to critique my work.
Cornered_Homepage_3_Installation View

installation view

Before I accepted the role of curator at 111 Minna in Oct. 2010, I was fortunate to have established a relationship with the gallery through presenting five solo shows which they hosted annually between 2005 and 2009. As I’ve only just begun creating the body of work for “Cornered” most of the images accompanying this press release are examples of past work and those which I feel may represent a visual thread into the new work, currently in the planning stages held somewhere between my right and left ears or still residing within receptacles of various art mediums and materials in my studio, which coincidentally has also been recently pieced together after I relocated my pint sized family to Marin three months ago in an effort to reacquire enough space to get back to creating art. Life has a way of offering challenges and is not without a sense of humor.Although deviations can occur through the natural flow of the creative process, it is my intention to stay “loose” in creating this body of work and ultimately to enjoy the opportunity to simply produce enough work in such a short amount of time. “Cornered” will be comprised of oil and acrylic paintings on panel, canvas and paper, engravings on glass & aluminum, charcoal & ink drawings on wood and paper, as well as photography. All will be rooted in color theory, technique variety, design and presentation. –Micah LeBrunBioMicah LeBrun is a self-taught artist who considers his understanding of art to be derived from what he visually identifies in everyday life. Developing a penchant for drawing at a young age he turned his attention to painting while he was still in his teens. Through the discovery and process of working with different materials he began to isolate a stylistic punctuation in the many mediums he created with. Early on, LeBrun’s most profound influences were the cubist and line oriented works of Pablo Picasso, the bold graphic nature of Andy Warhol, as well as the dominant colorful brush strokes of Peter Max. Coupled with modern day movements such as car culture and graffiti, these influences meld with the artist’s fascination of the natural design of insects, skeletal structure, reptiles and amphibians.LeBrun is a self-prescribed wanderer when it comes to his creative process as he believes each idea or intention possesses an individuality which should be executed in its own medium and style so as to best relay each individual idea. This approach has resulted in stylistic deviations necessary in maintaining the artists continued interest in the creative process. While the artist’s appreciation of design and fashion are evident in his figurative work, his love of portraiture has had a dominant presence throughout his career. LeBrun has composed countless solo exhibitions throughout the US and internationally. His original works have become part of major east and west coast collections containing masters works recognized globally. He currently lives and works in San Francisco and San Rafael, California.For press inquiries and information please contact the curator: micah@111minnagallery.com

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