Introducing 1st Fridays at Minna

w/ New Resident dj’s Disco-Dianna & Miss-Iggy |

Beginning April 3rd, 111 Minna Gallery offers patrons and art lovers an exciting new format on First Friday’s with three DJ’s in two rooms from 5p-2a. Whether you want to preview the new art exhibits during Happy Hour or come through late night after dinner with friends, we’ll be serving up fresh art and a variety of funky tunes so you all can make the most of your Friday night! Fantastic guest DJ’s will begin serving up tunes at 5p for the unveiling of our new art shows and then at 10p we turn the tables over to new resident DJ’s Disco-Dianna and Miss-Iggy w/ their carefully crafted Boomzilla vibes!

Boomzilla is the sound created by deejays Disco-Dianna + Miss-Iggy. They bring a 20yr collection of vinyl plus electronic libraries to deliver a sweet sound for everyone.

Disco-Dianna…dj…one who has loved disco music since she carried her stereo and vinyl disco records to slumber parties at the age of ten.  Also, a co-producer of dance club and rave classics in San Francisco: Toon Town, Care*Free Dancing, Love Garage and Love Works Dancing. Her core interest is to create a space where eclectic individuals gather, intermingle and dance, dance, dance.  A lover of all music, she will first deliver disco and mix it up with soul, funk, house, hip-house, modern electronica, and rock.

Miss-Iggy…dj…an old school rave kid since 1994 who biked with records on her back to any friend that had turntables and a mixer to get her start as a dj. Since then she’s played college radio, undergrounds, renegades, clubs, bars, fundraisers and festivals all over the West. Her vast collection of funky, bass grooves will bring something unique for every set.

Please join us on April 3rd for the opening reception of Imperfect Continuum featuring paintings and drawings by Steven Vasquez Lopez and Ceramic Sculptures by William Edwards w/ DJ Spaziale from 5-10 and then Boomzilla w/ Disco-Dianna & Miss-Iggy including special guest host Jim Williams as well as Thump Day’s WET visuals.

Jim Williams…party host extraordinaire…a San Francisco staple, who for the last 25 years has been a club promoter, dancer and host for most venues in the city. Coming from a family-owned art gallery, he has supported and loved art since he was a child.

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