GEEKS, FREAKS & STRANGE ART | LAST GASP’s 48th Anniversary Group Show

by Daniel
111 Minna Gallery proudly presents, “Geeks, Freaks & Strange Art,” a group exhibition curated by Last Gasp Publishing in celebration of the 48th Anniversary! The show will include original works of art to the theme of the circus, freaks, sideshows, oddities and other strange art by select artists including:Junko Mizuno, Jessicka Addams, Isabel Samaras, Joe Sorren, Shawn Barber, Winston Smith, Jane Kim, Janelle Hessig, Kelly Tunstall, Mike Davis, Mike Giant, Mitch O’Connell, Skinner, Kevin Earl Taylor, Toshio Saeki, Ferris Plock, Henry Lewis, Christopher Burch, Ransom & Mitchell, Matt Gonzalez, Lee Harvey Roswell and King Joe + Rev. Dr. Hal’s “Quickie Marriages” in the Hook Up Truck by Spy Emerson in the alley!

“Under the Big Top” by Winston Smith | 14″ x 36″ | Hand-Carved Paper Collage | 2002

“World’s Weird Wizard” (Vintage Banner) 75” x 40”

“Modern Priestess of Delphi” (Vintage Banner) 77” x 41”

“World’s Smallest Monkey” (Hand Painted Vintage Circus Banner) 87” x 106”

“Captive” by Kevin Earl Taylor | 32 ½” x 28 ½” | Oil on Canvas | 2016

“Half Dog, Half Rat, Half Racoon” (Hand Painted Vintage Circus Banner) 84” x 104”

“Aliveness” by Joe Sorren | 32” x 30” | Oil on Canvas | 2017

“Smallest Flirt on Earth” (Hand Painted Vintage Circus Banner) 94” x 108”

There will also be a collection of vintage circus banners on display from Last Gasp’s private collection!

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