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An interesting mix of contemporary new works by Ian Robert Mullen, William Edwards, and Mike Kimball. February 3rd – March 6th, 2011

IAN ROBERT MULLEN was born into a rich family history of master tradesmen that have claimed the city of Philadelphia home for eleven generations. After striking out to attend the painting program at Boston University he found himself right back where he started, working with wood. Curious and inventive by nature, Ian still continues to explore the world around him through his woodworking, oil painting, sculpture, and anything else he can get his hands on. 

“Whether it be with wood, plaster, or oil, I derive much of my inspiration from nature. An avid outdoorsman, I am always looking for new elements to implement into my next piece.” – Ian Robert Mullen

WILLIAM EDWARD’s work is an exploration of the alchemy of ceramic materials. Glazes create textured fields of color often reminiscent of nature. The natural phenomenon of the glaze creates a chaotic surface of patterns. Through the inherent transmutation of chemicals the uncontrollable and unexpected occurs; instability creates a game of chance. Like the toss of a dice, a moment in time is captured. As a mark outgrows its bounds set by a brush, drips crawl and overtake a surface like oil slicks spreading over the ocean. Within the kiln, each glazed work comes alive, seeming to have an innate sense of purpose. Then in an instant, all is frozen. What is left is a window of chaotic patterns of uncertainty, irregularity and imperfection, a result of a vast shifting set of unique circumstances. 

Courtesy of Toomey Tourell Fine Art

MIKE KIMBALL is an artist in love with the city. He is best known for his paintings and prints of urban landscapes that seem to inhabit the worlds of both representation and abstraction simultaneously. The subjects of his artwork have been the urban and industrial environments of San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and Osaka. “Whenever I look at the city, I end up seeing it in terms of patterns and textures and layered geometry. Its all in plain sight if you think to look for it.” says Kimball. 

His artwork focuses on the underlying geometric abstraction of the architecture and design found in the urban landscape, as well as the curious effect that time and chaos has on that geometric order as it moves towards disorder and entropy.

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