by Daniel
Fairy Tale Animals is a collection of serious and whimsical animal portraits from various childhood stories. The series began when Samuels was offered to photograph a animal through an animal trainer at a reduced rate. Peter preferred to photograph a Wallaby, but as the story goes, he could only afford the donkey… ”Stabley” the donkey was fortuitous as his success was the genesis of what would become an awesome series. It should be noted that all of the artist’s subjects are living animals!

Peter Samuels | Bio“Being a professional commercial photographer since the dawn of time (circa 1990..) My creative career path has seen a few evolutionary progressions over the years. Then, in 2009 a dog named, Leica became my muse and a new photographic passion was realized. However, I soon learned she was a gateway dog as I began photographing more dogs, then cats, horses and before I knew it, even farm animals were becoming suspicious. While my time with Leica was sadly cut short, she lovingly inspired a new direction in my work and career – good dog.”

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