111 Minna Gallery’s 20th Anniversary

by Daniel
A Celebratory Group Art Exhibition | Proudly presented by 111 Minna Gallery & Last GaspMinna1

“Exactly As I Remember” (portraying the iconic red doors of 111 Minna) by SF artist, Alec Huxley

Beginning September 1st, 2013, 111 Minna Gallery will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary with our dear friends at Last Gasp and ALL of our friends here in our beloved city of San Francisco, the entire Bay Area, across the nation and over seas. In 1993, 111 Minna Gallery took root in SOMA, a district that has now become home to a multitude of galleries. Over the last twenty years, we’ve grown and molded with the changing tides of this neighborhood to become a well-deserved household name.minna3

One of the many diverse events from past years hosted by 111 Minna Gallery.

Due to the vast number of people who influenced and supported 111 Minna throughout the past twenty years, we have many to thank and can only hope to celebrate with as many of our friends and patrons as possible this September.minna4

(L to R) Curator & 20th Anniversary Artists, Micah LeBrun, NoMe Edonna & Lee Harvey Roswell (Pictured w/ Sketch Tuesday’s event coordinator, Brad K. Alder – Aug 2011)

As art is our lifeline at 111 Minna Gallery, we’ve constructed a stellar group exhibition comprised of only the finest artists and those whose profound effect built our foundation in the art community. We aim to represent the many styles that form our artistic backbone.Minna2

Installation view by 20th Anniversary artist, David Choong Lee (Feb. 2013)

Our 20th Anniversary Exhibition will include original works by the following artists:Jennybird Alcantara | Abe Alvarez-Tostado | Brett Amory | Eric Bailey | Shawn Barber | Brian Barneclo | Glenn Barr | Jud Bergeron | Chor Boogie | Brian Brooks | David Choong Lee | Kim Cogan | Coro | Mike Davis | Joel Dugan | NoMe Edonna | Ron English | Jeremy Fish | Sam Flores | Doze Green | Michael Garlington | Ron Garrigues | Robert Hardgrave | Don Ed Hardy | Doug Hardy | Al Honig | Jay Howell | Jason Jagel | Sylvia Ji | Josh Keyes | Micah LeBrun | Henry Lewis | David Mabry | Lennie Mace | Rogelio Martinez | Liz McGrath | Merkley??? | Lango Oliveira | Onesto | Alison Pebworth | Ferris Plock | Tiff Pollard | Ricky Powell | Rob Reger | Romanowski | Lee Harvey Roswell | Mark Ryden | Isabel Samaras | Kathy Staico-Schorr | Todd Schorr | Shag | Joe Sorren | Kelly Tunstall | Miss Van | Nate Van Dyke | Oliver Vernon | John Wentz | Eric White | Robert Williams[wpsc_products category_url_name=’20th_anniversary_exhibition’]For all press related inquires please contact, Micah LeBrun: art@111minnagallery.com111 Minna Gallery | History and InformationEiming Jung founded 111 Minna Gallery and opened its doors in 1993 at 111 Minna Street in the SOMA district of San Francisco. This location would later become the heart of the up and coming art district, which has now been solidified with the construction of the SF MOMA, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and countless progressive galleries emerging in the surrounding area.With a business model focused on service and hospitality, patrons began to relish the visual aesthetics sourced from Bay Area artists, in conjunction with the laid back atmosphere that has long been associated with 111 Minna and it’s founder.For many artists, 111 Minna quickly became thee San Francisco gallery to exhibit their work and would grow to become an establishment, which would gain notoriety and an overall reputation for launching artist’s careers, both nationally and internationally, while acting as host for a vast variety of art, specifically focused on underground, low brow, edgy and often times controversial.For the past twenty years, 111 Minna has maintained it’s reputation for constant progression and positive energy and in so doing has become a cornerstone of San Francisco culture. As its twentieth year anniversary approaches, 111 Minna Gallery will build further momentum in holding true to its roots, while displaying cutting edge art from talented emerging artists, as well as those firmly established.The gallery also maintains its history of service to a number of charities and non-profit organizations, as well as the many people who consider it and its staff to be home and family.

111 Minna Gallery | 111 Minna Street (2nd & Minna) | San Francisco, CA 94105 (415) 974-1719 | 111minnagallery.com




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tiff pollard September 4, 2013 - 4:04 pm

I was interested in attending the press release/ preview. It would be myself plus one. Let me know.Thanks.

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